Fight with Fire: Demo

by Fight with Fire

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Our first release as a band! Just 4 quick songs that we complied to showcase our sound.


released June 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Fight with Fire Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania

Pop-Punk band from Tunkhannock. We just released our demo so check it out and buy it! More stuff coming your way soon so in the meantime sit back, jam out, and check our Facebook page or come to a show!

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Track Name: Inhibition
Making an idiot out of myself time and time again,
Potential sub-sequential threat at least not yet,
I don't even wanna know you've become your own sick joke,
A master ruse of the games you're playing,
I'm wide awake at night trying to plan this in my head,
Desperate holding on to the last thing that you said,
I know that you wanted out of all of this,
But I'm sorry I can't stop karma life is a bitch

How did we become the one's who're so messed up?
When will they all realize that we're not?
I'm sick of it, my damn Inhibition, so when am I done being like this?
I'm not the only one, I won't become, so fucking hopeless.

You're causing these migraines and all my problems,
Watching the clock trying to escape,
You can't expect me to give if you don't wanna receive,
Stop grabbing everything you can take,
Angry voices and missed calls still ringing in my head,
Desperate holding on to the last thing that you said,
Planning for the best forgetting uncertainty,
But the repercussions come back eventually.
Track Name: Almost
Running in the dark,
The night is our place,
To finally embark,
And try to get away,
We gotta move fast
We'll run from the past,
So badly I wanna stay
We both know that I'll be okay
It's never too late,
Too dark to see your face,
But I know one thing,
We'll never leave a trace,
Get away from society
Our only priority,
Running till the light of day,
making everything okay,

The blinding sunrise,
I see it in your eyes,
Good things always go away,
But you always stay the same,
The lonely nights,
I see it in your eyes,
It's not too late for me,
Watch the world burn slowly,

Yelling in the dark,
Waiting for the day,
Trying to hit the mark,
But you're so afraid,
Don't ever look back,
Try to see through the black,
Everything is not what it seems,
But I woke up and it wasn't a dream,
Calling your name,
Hearing an echo,
Of the one to blame,
Trying to let go,
Walking out of pace,
we're stuck up in space,
Running till the light of day,
making everything okay,

It's only a matter of time till I lose myself
Track Name: Get Real
Fallen off the board, forgotten how to ride
Everything sucks if you have a dirty mind.
Sometimes all I wish is that I knew the truth,
I'm feeling like I'm always one getting accused,
Waiting at the station, full of frustration,
Life moves on in a state of contemplation.
Slowly getting older both still in denial
First time I've trusted anyone in a while

I'd lose my head if it wasn't a part me,
When did I lose my sense of reality?
Frantically I'm grasping for the reason why,
As I'm sinking in the quicksand of time.

I'm almost there and still halfway gone,
Both pretending there was nothing ever wrong, (Get Real!)
Frantically I'm grasping for the reason why,
Why I'm starting to fall behind.

I'm getting pretty sick, of being that guy,
Waiting for someone to walk on by,
Just trying to think of something to do
But apparently I haven't got a clue,
Of what's wrong with me, man can't you see,
I just stopped caring almost instantly,
I don't remember why I'm not alright,
I'm becoming exactly who'd I wanna fight,

Get real
Track Name: Frigg Off/Cindy
Sometimes you've just gotta make the best of what you got
Even as you hit the ugly branches on the way down
I'm sick of hearing my sister's hot, frigg off
He's the king loser of scumbag town

I wish I could think for myself
It's getting kinda hard to
Sometimes I wanna talk to myself
It's getting hard not to

You can't change what's already too far gone
I heard he took his cousin to the dance
Come on man you know that's just so wrong
You're messing up your life with every chance
I offered him a ride one day
Flipped me the bird and went on his way